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Sales & Marketing Effectiveness in Chemicals

At this conference you can look forward to B2C strategies inspiring B2B sector. Take an in-depth look into B2C business strategies presented by chemical industry experts as well as out of industry speakers.

A new B2B approach is finding its way into the Chemical industry

B2B relations between buyers and sellers mostly function in a typical, long-term verified way in the chemical industry. This has brought many benefits, but in this fast and global world, keeping up is the most important thing. Therefore, B2B relations within the chemical industry need to be upgraded from sales transactions to customers relations.

Savvy chemical brands and trends to follow

The European chemical sector generates 17.0% of the world’s chemicals, employs 1.2 million workers and contributes €551 billion to the EU economy. Read further to discover the 5 top industry trends that are helping companies to stay relevant and continue to grow.

Post Show Report – European Sales & Marketing Effectiveness in Chemicals

Take a look at the Post Show Report from the 3rd Annual European Sales & Marketing Effectiveness in Chemicals Forum 2015

Interview with Scott Shaunessy, CEO of ideaPoint, about OI latest trends

ideaPoint’s take on the future of Open Innovation

The era of open innovation 2.0

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Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower

Innovation starts with a creative idea. An intellectual property right should be the stamp that seals that idea. The role of IP rights is growing larger and more valuable.

Outreach 2015 – Post Show Report

Download the post show report for the Outreach 2015 – The Digital Marketing Summit