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  • Dr. Konrad Reber
  • Head of research and development
  • Innospection Germany GmbH, Germany
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  • Dr. Michael Beller
  • Manager Corporate Strategy
  • ROSEN, Germany
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Course description

The course will provide an in-depth look into the subject of the inspection of offshore pipelines and structures. It explains which part the internal and external inspection play in the overall pipeline integrity and pipeline maintenance procedures. The course will introduce the typical flaws and anomalies observed in offshore pipelines and associated structures. In-Line inspection tools, as well as external inspection technologies and the various physical principles they use, will be covered in depth. Strengths and weaknesses from an inspection perspective, as well as an operational perspective, will be discussed.

The material covers details on a pipeline inspection operation, including pipeline preparation, cleaning and gauging. Final Reports, Reporting Formats are introduced and discussed. The course also includes a short introduction into data analysis, run comparisons, integrity assessment and pipeline integrity management.

Key topics

Offshore structures that require inspection

Typical Defects and Loading Conditions of Offshore Pipelines

Non-Destructive Testing Techniques and Technologies

Internal Inspection Technologies and Tools

External Inspection Technologies and Tools


Integrity Assessment

Workshop sessions & practical excercises

Which tools and technology does what?

How to read tool data and defect specification sheet?

Preparing and inspection project

Choosing the right tool


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