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  • Jeanne Boles
  • Trainer
  • JBcoco Pty Ltd

Throughout her life and career Jeanne has been an advocate and implementer of lean thinking in both the professional and personal aspects of her life, which she develop further by studying Manufacturing Engineering and Management in the UK at Loughborough and Cambridge, before joining a global Oil and Gas service provider, which enabled her to travel the world and work with a multitude of nationalities and cultures.
Jeanne has over 15 years of experience in High Risk operations, management & training in the Oil and Gas industry, starting as a field engineer, in coveralls and boots swinging a hammer in the North Sea. She progressed through positions in operations, technical, training and management before, leaving it all behind to focus on her own company, JBcoco, to build self-sufficient and productive people.
In the last 4 years, Jeanne left operations to focus on training Oil and Gas operational personnel in the critical aspects of well control, which after the blowout on Macondo (and the one on Montara, much closer to home) forced the industry to look at the Human Elements of these incidents and why they occurred. The findings of the investigation into both of these incidents reported the same fundamental problem, the Human Aspect.
Together with a local Industrial Psychologist, Jeanne has developed and delivered introductory workshops in Well Operations Crew Resource Management, WOCRM, which gives people an insight into the six key elements that are necessary for teams and individuals to perform at their best and recognize when they, or a team mate is not, and be able to do something about it.
In this workshop, Jeanne will introduce the concept of Crew Resource Management (CRM) and have the attendee’s perform specific tasks to highlights the learning points for themselves, to prove the importance of each key skill.
Finally, Jeanne will then introduce her own continuous personal development (CPD) plan for the attendees to take what they have learned to produce a CPD plan to take away and use.