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  • Joris Hensen
  • Founder and Co-Lead of Deutsche Bank API Program
  • Deutsche Bank, Germany

Joris Hensen is responsible for the development of the Deutsche Bank API Program, which he co-founded at the beginning of 2015. In his more than ten years at Deutsche Bank, he has worked in various international projects as a project and innovation manager.

Joris Hensen became enthusiastic about innovations and future trends at a very early stage and in 2012 he was given the responsibility to set up a corporate foresight program for Deutsche Bank in which future scenarios and innovation strategies were developed. As part of this, he became a guest lecturer at the Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen on the topics of foresight, innovation and design.

What once began as a foresight scenario was officially launched in November 2017 as Deutsche Bank API Program. It offers external partners the opportunity to connect personalized apps and services via the API of Deutsche Bank (dbAPI), thus opening up new areas of value creation and revenue streams for Deutsche Bank. The goal of the API Program is to enable a platform business and to position Deutsche Bank as a market leader in Open Banking.