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  • Kay Lummitsch
  • Digital Catalyst. Coach, Influencer & Mentor
  • Charismatix, Switzerland

Kay Lummitsch - The Digital Journeyman is CHANGE in person. He has been a submarine navigator, a seaman on trading ships, street musician, bartender, shipbuilder, sports teacher, shopkeeper of an artistic store and software engineer for many years. He became a Systemic Coach and led a huge Digital program at Swisscom for four years. Today he runs his own company and is recognized as an expert on Digital Transformation internationally. Currently, he is mentoring various big players in banking, telecommunication, automotive, insurance, and NGOs. Kay loves to talk about the hidden mechanics of change-avoidance and how to leverage change successfully. As a father of four, he engages in changes to the educational system to enable institutions to get ready for the Digital Age. His source of inspiration is his vast area of experiences from his eventful life.