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  • Kjell-Jakob Krohn
  • Digital insurance development
  • SpareBank 1, Norway

Kjell-Jakob is an insurance professional with more than 10 years of experience in digital business development in both life and non-life insurance. He has spent most of his career bridging the gap between traditional business models and the new digital landscape. Combining his passion for technology and business, he has gained extensive experience in guiding the insurance business through the digital transformation. Focusing on simplifying insurance and creating innovative new user experiences, he has been involved in several groundbreaking new concepts from early idea until launch. Among other things, revitalizing online insurance sales, integrating insurance with mobile banking and creating a new platform for insurance telematics.

Kjell-Jakob is currently in charge of strategy for the telematics solution SpareBank 1 launched in 2017. The solution is mostly developed in house and the first initiative launched by their innovation unit. SpareBank 1 is one of the major insurance companies in the Norwegian market, and recognized as innovative and a digital front-runner.