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  • Ed Mulder
  • Manager & Laser Welding Specialist
  • Mulder Advies & Training , Netherlands

Ed Mulder is an experienced and technical professional with more than 30 years of experience in and knowledge of joining techniques, including welding techniques. He specializes in laser welding and cutting techniques and has extensive work experience in laser and resistance welding. He is familiar with the wide variety of customer requirements such as is common in the automotive industry.

He quickly understands the requirements and needs and applies appropriate actions to carry out tasks on time. He exhibits excellent relationship management, collaboration, presentation and communication skills at all levels. He is result-oriented with a strong talent for identifying and solving technical challenges such as improving processes, improving productivity and implementing project management solutions.

He has written a number of study books about joining techniques such as General Laser Technologies, International Welding Practitioner Resistant Welding, Mechanical Joining. These books are currently only in Dutch.