Interview about Advanced Emiratisation with Jonathan Lavender

by Fleming. Team

Jonathan Lavender shares his views on Emiratisation

  1. How is retention connected to succession planning?

You cannot have one without the other – what is the point of planning for the future growth of your top talent if everyone is leaving your organisation?

  1. What kind of employee development initiatives need to be taken in order to retain Emirati talent?

The same as any other employee – programmes that build their skills and capabilities; that increase their job performance and help them to grow within the organisation.

  1. What is the role of managers in Emiratisation?

The success or failure of any talent initiative depends on the skills, competency and attitude of the line managers. Proper and appropriate management is essential and managers need to be taught how to manage properly.

  1. How can Emiratisation results be measured?

In dozens of different ways. What matters is to measure the metrics that relate to the organisational strategy, whether that is retention, productivity, brand image, employee satisfaction or succession/promotion rates.

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