Press Release: Hire individuals that are already complimentary to your brand

by Fleming. Team

The best candidates are the ones that perceive the company in a favorable light and are enthusiastic to identify with the company's values. The best candidates get “the brand” and want to be part of creating a legacy.

Chris Litherland, International Senior Human Resources Director, shared the following in regard to Employer Branding strategies:

“The most important factor in employer branding is being able to demonstrate the organization's value proposition. It is important to really understand what the organization stands for. The cultural values are created in an organic process, initially done by the founders of the organization, and later by the people who join the organization.”

Mr. Litherland emphasizes that it is critical to identify and quantify the values of candidates to see if they match those of the company, rather than just look at their experience, academic qualifications, or seniority. The best candidates are the ones that perceive the company in a favorable light and are enthusiastic to identify with the company's values. The best candidates get “the brand” and want to be part of creating a legacy.

How to keep talent within the company?

Chris Litherland will speak on April 9 at the Kakushin online conference “Employer Branding – The Excellence Route.” He will elaborate on measuring an employer brand strategy's ROI and how to retain the best talent in your company. For Chris Litherland, employees are happy when they are engaged and when they can contribute, collaborate and perform. This is why it is necessary for the employer to create a company culture that enables the employees toengage and reach for their full potential. Firstly, the organization should be clear of what the company culture is. Then the organization should find talented candidates who compliment this culture and can perform well.

About Chris Litherland

Chris Litherland is a globally known HR expert with more than 23 years of expertise in the field. He held several positions at Fujitsu ICL (HR Manager, OD Manager, C&B Manager, Resourcing Manager) where he was responsible for Pan-European Sales and Organization in charge of a team of 12 businessdivisions and 2.000 employees. Later Chris was appointed as HR EMEA & APAC Director at SAS, where he was able to decrease the cost per hire by 75% and developed a Corporate Employer Brand. Over the last nine years Chris has worked as HR Senior Director EMEA & India at Intermec by Honeywell with a high level of success in Talent Acquisition, Employee Referrals and Global HR projects. He is also a member of SHRM, a Global Advisory Board Member with GPHR accreditation, a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, and a judge at the International Business Awards.

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