Solving Collateral – BCBS IOSCO Uncleared Margin Rules - How to Adapt

The forthcoming BCBS IOSCO uncleared margin rules are set to make the collateral management process far more demanding than in the current operating environment.

The most immediate impact will be on the sell side. However, there will also be far-reaching consequences for the buy side and other derivatives end users.

The new rules will create a number of headaches for collateral managers, with the potential to increase workload and overwhelm operations teams.

The changes will result in a need to:

  • Source more collateral
  • Mobilize collateral more efficiently
  • Optimize the collateral that is pledged to manage costs
  • Deal operationally with the increase in margin calls and collateral movements
  • Appropriately segregate collateral
  • Manage the quality and concentration risk of the collateral portfolio more closely
  • Ensure compliance with a more complex regulatory checklist

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