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Getting your office acoustics right is not about silence. It’s about nature. This notion of an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems is called biophilia.

Human speech and hearing evolved outdoors, surrounded by the sounds of nature. In an office environment, the human voice – so crucial to collaborating and learning – is the only natural sound.

Humans love the voices of others. We are curious to hear what they are saying. Though often welcome, speech can just as easily be a frustrating distraction, depending on what we are trying to do.

At Ecophon, they are all about promoting good acoustics as an essential component of the sustainable office. Acoustic design clearly has an important role to play, since noise issues consistently top the list of complaints.

Ecophon’s approach, activity-based acoustic design, goes beyond numbers and standards. It takes each activity and links it to human perception. Activity-based acoustic design is about creating acoustic environments that are fit for purpose – both when you need to communicate and when you need to concentrate.

For more insights, take a look inside ECO for Sustainable Design – Office Edition. Get the app or read it online.

During the workshop at the Smart Workspace Design Summit 2016 Ecophon will go in depth on the Psychoacoustic Approach of Resolving Office Noise. The Executive summary of the research you will find here. A walk through of a new tool developed to design for People, discussions around the Evaluation, Advice and Solutions. Ecophon international team of experts in the field of Office Acoustic will guide you through the workshop.

Office Noise Infographic

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