Tips for the Shipping Process of Pharmaceuticals and Biologics

Find out how to simplify the shipping process for temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and biologics and how to contain cost when shipping bulk pharma and biologics.

A new approach to one-way universal shipping has made it far more convenient to send temperature-sensitive healthcare packages. Key changes in package design allow you to forget the pains of bench-time (or sweat time). What’s more, SKU management is simplified with four payload sizes to choose from where each size makes use of the same components and the same pack out is used for both 3-day and 5-day shipments.

Watch this video to see how a few innovative changes in package design can radically improve your temperature-sensitive packaging operations.

In this video podcast, Ben VanderPlas, Global Product Manager at ThermoSafe speaks with Jim Chrzan, Group Publisher of Healthcare Packaging providing insights into the below topics as it relates to ThermoSafe’s latest innovation – LD7 QPMC pallet shipper.

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