Turning Patient Feedback to Meaningful Resource for Care Delivery

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Read the interview with Nasser Al Naimi, Deputy Chief Quality Officer at Hamad Medical Corporation, and Co-Director at Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute, and learn how to turn your data into strategic information to drive patient-family centered care.

Deputy Chief Quality Officer - Hamad Medical Corporation
Co-Director of Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute

1) Hamad Medical Corporation has won two awards in the Customer Experience Category recently. Can you please tell us about your strategic initiatives and deployment of innovative approaches adopted to customer experience management?

We have created a Customer Experience Program that is pioneering in the Middle East in terms of the way we approach our patients and visitors. As the front-line staff of HMC, we as the Nesma’ak team make sure that HMC’s mission to provide the best, most efficient and most compassionate care to Qatar residents and visitors is delivered at our facilities by any of our 235 customer service staff located in over 75 locations across HMC.

Following the world trend in digitalizing the workspace, we have deployed an electronic system that captures all patient feedback, which is then analyzed and shared with all MC facility leadership and staff to drive improvement at the facility level.

As part of continuously developing the service, the Center for Patient Experience and staff Engagement is currently in the process of further transforming the HMC Customer Experience Program by creating a first-of-its-kind Customer Experience Mobile Application, to enable seamless communication with our patients and visitors.

2) What matters to employees and empowers them to achieve exemplary Patient Experience?

Nesma’ak staff are experienced and well-trained customer service staff who put the interests of patients and visitors first in everything they do. A concentrated effort is currently underway to offer different patient-focused training programs to develop our staff and provide them with the best working environment possible. The results are already visible and the two awards: “Best Implementation of a Customer Experience Program” and “Customer Experience Program of the Year” in the Middle East are a direct result of these efforts.

3) What are your objectives for 2017-2018?

We have a broad array of objectives and goals for the rest of the year and onwards into 2018. Broadly, I would categorize our efforts into two main themes:

1.Direct Patient Experience, Education and Engagement Improvements
2.Partnership Development, Learning and Collaboration

The first theme includes an array of different initiatives. For example, we are currently commencing a program to deliver patient experience improvements within our main Emergency Department.

This is one of the busiest EDs in the world - so ensuring we continue to deliver a high-quality service while managing such large volumes of patients is essential. Another example is our planned development of an electronic Patient App. We recognize that Qatar, the UAE and the wider Middle East have some of the highest rates of smartphone penetration in the world. Developing an app which allows our patients to not only understand the services we provide but for them to provide live feedback and comments will be essential in allowing us to engage and build a truly interactive partnership with our patients.

As part of our partnership development, we are looking to both learn from and share our knowledge with a broad array of stakeholders. This includes not only building relationships with internationally recognized Patient Experience experts such as Planetree but also regional collaboration with other healthcare providers from across the Middle East.

I have aspirations to build and develop a Patient Experience Network which will allow us to cooperate and partner with other hospitals - focusing our goals on delivering a world-class patient experience. As part of this network development, I hope to hold an annual Patient Experience Congress/Summit to share our efforts, challenges and the achievements we have made.

There is a lot to do - with plenty of challenges ahead - but I think it will be an exciting and rewarding few years. I hope we will continue to deliver substantial improvements for all our patients.

4) What role can technology play in achieving the desired goals and objectives?

One cannot disregard the exponential advancement of technology in all spheres of our lives, and healthcare is no exception.

HMC wants to take this a step further and pioneer technological advancements in delivering state-of-the-art patient experience. We believe that technology can strengthen the bond between us and our patients and enhance their experience through innovative interaction.

Some of the ideas we are thinking of in the near future involve ensuring we hear the voice of the patient though current technology and fully integrate it into our patient records with complete end-to-end monitoring mechanisms for patient satisfaction relating to both complaints and compliments. As I mentioned earlier, we are also planning to capitalize on the rapid penetration of smartphone usage in the region with a mobile app to ensure we are hearing from our patients at all times.

We also have a strong presence on social media, through which we are constantly educating our patients about health conditions such as stroke and diabetes.

For more information about the 1st GCC Patient Experience Summit, please write to or visit the link below:

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