“Unrivalled Client Experience” - Trimble Real Estate & Workplace Solutions White Paper

First impressions count… that’s why effective visitor management is cited as one of the most vital areas of any organisation.

Visitors’ perception of your organisation can be enhanced or tarnished by their experience at the front of house.

This executive white paper from Trimble’s Real Estate & Workplace Solutions team provides essential advice on delivering an unrivalled client experience – from the arrival to the departure of visitors.

Based on insight from a global financial organisation and a leading law firm, as well as a specially commissioned "Client Experience" survey, this paper also looks into how technology can help optimise management of all key touch points around managing client meeting and internal events.

The results from these activities so far have been illuminating, in terms of the importance of client experience in not only front of house and reception, but also the wider benefits to the organisations as a whole.

Download your copy of “Unrivalled Client Experience”.

We hope you enjoy and benefit from reading this white paper, and we hope that it serves to establish a platform for collecting understanding upon which we can build further knowledge and discussion at the upcoming ‘Smart Workspace Design Summit’ in Amsterdam.

This year Trimble will be announcing the arrival of new innovations that will enhance alternative workplace strategies and activity based working, reducing total cost of occupancy and improving staff productivity. More to follow soon.

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