White paper: Biological effects of the LUCTRA LED desk lamp

Final project report: Biological effects of the LUCTRA LED desk lamp

By now we have all heard that artificial light disrupts our sleep, contributes to stress, provides us with less energy and affects our attention. But did you know that targeted changes of light colour during the day will enhance our well-being and consequently improve our performance?

So far, few research groups have examined the influence of different electric lighting situations systematically for biological effectiveness. Although, results of such examinations are required in order to set standards and benchmarks or even to issue reliable recommendations for planning.

Below we present you a clinical study about the biological effectiveness of the light of the LUCTRA® desk lamps, which is the first desk lamp ever with a systematic verification of its biological effect on melatonin suppression.

Read this paper to find out more about about how participants assessed their visual comfort during the five different light settings, and why we need to pay attention to the melatonin produced in our bodies.For further information about the topic, visit: or join the Smart Workspace Design Summit, where you will be able to feel the light by LUCTRA®


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