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  • Luis Peña Pérez
  • Managing Director
  • drive&win Spain, Spain

Managing Director Drive & Win: Joined from MAPFRE (20 years experience) where he was Director of their Centre of Excellence for Usage Based Insurance (UBI) and Instrumental in the launch and development of YCAR (YCAR, MAPFRE’s Telematics motor insurance product 1). Previous roles: Director of Strategic Planning & Innovation and Secretary of the Directive Commission and Head of the Underwriting Department of MARES (MARES, MAPFRE AUTOMÓVILES RIESGOS ESPECIALES2)

1 In November 2007 MAPFRE launched a Telematics pilot test addressing 10.000 young drivers aged 18 to 30. The project was considered a success because less than one year from the initial launch, 10.000 new telematics policy-holders had enrolled. The initial results were so positive that the project became a product named YCAR.
In July 2008 YCAR was awarded the first ICEA-ACCENTURE Innovation Award for best innovative product in insurance. This product eventually reached the 82.000 policyholder mark(50M€ approx) with a proven 66% loss ratio by January 2011. It has been one of the most successful telematics projects within Europe.

2 As a reaction to the launch of Direct Line in Spain, MAPFRE launched MARES in 1996 as a experiment with young drivers aged 18 to 25 to test direct underwriting and a new highly personalized “Tillinghast” rating system.
It was a big success and made a 10M€ technical profit at the end of 2002, leading MAPFRE to reintroduce it to the main core of the business.