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  • Matteo Loizzo
  • Well Integrity Consultant
  • Germany
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Course description

This 3-day master-class workshop will provide a comprehensive introduction to Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) and its key role in overcoming the limitations of the traditional mud window while enabling safer well construction.

Well integrity is undergoing major changes, catalyzed by the Pryor Trust blowout and the requirement for API to include Process Safety in the way oil & gas wells are drilled. But replacing the current driller-centered manual process control with an automatic, far more reliable paradigm requires closed-loop drilling: this is why MPD is poised to take our industry by storm.

We will start by describing what is Managed Pressure Drilling, the role it plays in building wells, and how it compares with similar technologies such as Underbalanced Drilling or mud cap drilling. We will then review in detail the technology and process that are required to enable MPD on dry and wet wellhead wells, and then discuss the role MPD plays in the current integration of Process Safety Management Systems in drilling. We will conclude with a review of standards regulating the technology, first of all NORSOK D-010.

The session is focused on drilling, mud, cementing and well integrity professionals who are encouraged to bring some of their challenges along so we can apply together the techniques and methods discussed in class. The seminar is interactive, participative and hands-on, supported by real life examples; its open and relaxed atmosphere provides significant opportunities to network and exchange experience with peers and start finding answers to actual challenges in a collaborative setting.

Key Takeaways

ASSESS the benefits of Managed Pressure Drilling
PLAN MPD operations
Critically SELECT the most appropriate MPD equipment
DEMONSTRATE compliance with well control and integrity standards
EXPLAIN the role of  MPD in Process Safety Management



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