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11th Annual

MENA HR Summit


"Opening new horizons for HR leaders in the era of digital transformation to enable effective business structure and be the driver of change"

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Summit Overview

The Middle East and North Africa is currently undergoing a massive economic transformation, transitioning from resource-dependent into a knowledge based economy. The region is quickly becoming a world leading business hub with an epicenter of trade flows, putting it in a prime position for growth, opportunity and investment. There is a unique workforce quality in the region, which is steadily becoming more and more competitive in our dynamic digital world.

The 11th Annual of MENA HR Summit will bring in together the HR leaders from around the Middle East and North Africa region and leading technology providers from globe to discuss crucial issues on how to anticipate the employees demand, understand your new breed of workers, enable effective business structure and be the driver of change in the era of collective wisdom from the team and functions foundation being technology, learn-ability, and mobility.

Key topics

Definite and clear leadership vision for the organization of future

Future of talent management in MENA to gain competitive advantage

Developing an extra-ordinary engaged culture to get the most out of your employees

Reducing the gap in the knowledge and skills for the young nationals

What is the impact of AI-based technologies on HR roles and competencies?

How do we effectively assess people using the latest data science, psychology, and Big Data techniques?

Will retaining Gen Zers be more challenging than retaining millennials?

How technology is transforming systems and processes to enhance the employee experience?

How AI is going to change workforce demographics?

Prestigious speakers

Takeaways and special features

Understand what changes drives the innovation for your organisation?

Devise a scientific appraisal system to drive productivity, engagement and performance

Know ways to strategize and systematize talent management to the emerging generation

Capacity building to upskill, attract and retain national talent both in public and private sector

Learn how to drive a culture where each person is responsible for his/her own engagement

Innovative ways of linking performance management with reward system

Identify things in your organization that will not change in the future workplace

Which work processes and work-flows could be re-designed by AI technologies to boost human activities and decision-making?



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