9th Annual

Middle East District Cooling Summit

Building a sustainable ecosystem for district cooling business model in Qatar.

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Key topics

Meeting Water Demands in a Water-Constrained Environment with the use of TSE

Connecting, Controling & Monitoring with IoT, & Automation

Advanced Thermal Energy Storage Methods

Sustainable Business Model For District Cooling In the Long Run

Prestigious speakers

Takeaways and special features

Identifying Strategies Of A Successful & Sustainable District Cooling Economic Structure

Setting parameters for Waste water treatment plants & technology

Understanding ways in which the internet of things is transforming District Cooling

Gaining an overview on Use Of Renewable Energy In Cooling Plants

Enabling to shift cooling load demands from on-peak to off-peak

Panel Discussion:

  • Building a sustainable ecosystem for district cooling business model in Qatar
  • Enhancing Energy and Water Efficiency in District Cooling Plants for better sustainability

Case Study:

Comparing the impact of VSDs under different design and control conditions

Round Table Discussion:

  • District energy and the industrial iot: benefits of a connected system
  • Compressor & control related challenges & flexibility
  • Choosing chiller refrigerants smartly to optimize economic and environmental benefits

Partners & Sponsors

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Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel

Al Corniche St, Doha, Qatar

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