Speaker detail

  • Marah Al-Khateeb
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Qatar

Marah Al-Khateeb is a Jordanian industrial engineer who recently obtained her bachelor’s degree from Qatar University. The nature of her academic and career experiences involve independent research, requiring initiative, self-motivation, and a wide range of skills presenting a new outlook to individuals. Towards the end of the last, but not least year of her academic journey, ideas and thoughts started coming along with the courses being taken, and how the application of systems and products is made and used in real life, which came to a conclusion of addressing two topics in her thesis; availability and Cost Analysis of Chillers Plants in District Cooling Systems. Besides her academic achievements, she is characterized as an outgoing and social person, where communication skills play a major role in her personality. She also enjoys reading and playing music during her free time. Generally, her willingness to work hard and master time management, are all involved while exposing herself to new opportunities.