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The Bahrain Association of Banks (BAB) was established by a Ministerial decree in 1979, and registered under the central bank of Bahrain in 2010. BAB brings together banking institutions of all sizes and charters in the Kingdom of Bahrain and works towards enhancing Bahrain’s image as the financial hub of the Middle East.
Collectively providing the full range of financial services, Bahrain bank represents $192.7 (Sep 2016) billion in total assets and employ over 14,675 (2014) men and women and contributes 17.2% (2015) towards Bahrain’s $31.1 (2015) billion GDP.
The mission of the Bahrain Association of Banks is to serve its members by representing and advocating the interests of the Kingdom’s banks and showcasing them as pre-eminent providers of financial services in the region. Working closely with the Central Bank of Bahrain, BAB assists it with formulating banking policy and regulation.
The Association provides an open forum where banks can come together to collectively discuss and solve their shared problems. BAB is also actively engaged in promoting banking conferences, exhibitions and seminars that bring overseas banking delegations to Bahrain and create business opportunities for all members.

BAB Objectives:
1. Work with the CBB and all banks to protect the reputation of the banking sectors through the pursuit of full transparency by implementing Internal and International Banking rules.
2. Closely cooperate with the CBB and all banks to highlight the Kingdom of Bahrain as a regional financial and global center.
3. Promote the interests of banks in Bahrain at both local and international levels.
4. Coordinate with CBB and other authorities on matters relating to laws and regulations and banks’ policies.
5. Promote best practices for the banking industry.
6. Support and strengthen the training programs and vocational restructuring in the banking sector.
7. Act as a forum and a means of communication between the member banks and other parties on matters and issues of concern to the banking sector.
8. Coordinate with CBB and other authorities on matters relating to laws and regulations and banks’ policies.
9. Develop strategies and initiatives aimed at strengthening the standing and reputation of Bahrain in the banking sector at the global level.
10. Strengthen the links between executives in the banking sector through the formation of specialized committees, the membership of stakeholders and specialization of different banks.

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