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  • Azzeddine Ramrami
  • Senior Security Architect @IBM Security OWASP AppSec Africa President ,CEH, CPTE, CPTC, CSWAE, CNFE

Azzeddine Ramrami is a professor/instructor and an expert in information security development with over 15 years of experience in the security, secure coding, network and telecommunication arena.

He is a senior Security Architect at IBM Security involved in strengthening international cyber security programs. He holds the C)SWAE, C)SCE and CEH certification and is not only a Mile2 Senior Instructor but is the author of the latest mile2's C)ISSO C)PTE & C)SWAE lab guide. Since 2008, Azzedine has held the position of President at OWASP APSEC Morrocco & Africa and leads OWASP and mile2 certification expansion efforts in Canada, France and North Africa.