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  • Peter Gray
  • Design Coordinator
  • Hatch

Peter works with Hatch’s Modularization and Front-End Planning Group under the leadership of David Meldal-Johnsen. Peter has 30 years’ engineering consultancy experience in Structural Design. Early in his career he was introduced to the concepts of Modularization and Preassembly in the offshore oil and gas sector. Many of the concepts and learnings have been transferred into other sectors; most notably Mining and Minerals.

Peter Gray, born and educated in Victoria, Australia. He immigrated to Canada in 2002, where he continued his career in Edmonton, Alberta prior to relocation to the Toronto area.

Some notable module projects where Peter has been involved include Syncrude UE-1 Project – Interconnecting Piperack’s; Snohvit LNG Project, Hammerfest, Norway – MEG reclamation Modules; Vale S11D Iron Ore Mine, Para State, Brazil – Beneficiation Plant; Tasiast Gold Mine, Mauritania – Process Plant and various Saskatchewan Potash Projects