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  • Joep Brouwers
  • Vice Director
  • Brainport Development, Netherlands

Joep Brouwers (1955) has been active as a manager and a consultant in the field of technology and human behaviour since the mid-eighties. First as a developer and project manager for new media applications for education, later on as the managing director of a publishing house for magazines on the relation between the developed and the underdeveloped countries. Here he had his first internet experiences as one of the first database publishers in the Netherlands. In 1997 he entered the board of the Dutch branch of ISOC (Internet Society) where he took part in the uprise of the internet industries in the Netherlands till the burst of the internet bubble end 2000. From 2001 up to 2007 he worked as a strategic policy advisor for the province of Noord- Brabant on innovation and economic development. In March 2007 he entered Brainport Development as vice-director responsible for the projects and programs that execute the Brainport strategy. At Brainport Development he was responsible for the participation of Eindhoven in ICF which led to the election of Eindhoven as most intelligent community in 2011. He initiated the Dutch Technology Week a yearly event for the High Tech manufacturing companies in the Netherlands. Joep Brouwers is also known as a TEDx organiser. In 2015 he led the team that brought the Singularity University to the Netherlands. He was the general manager for the TCI Global Conference in November 2016.