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  • Sumitra Rajagopalan
  • Founder and CEO
  • Bioastra Technologies Inc., Canada

Sumitra Rajagopalan is the Founder and CEO of Bioastra Technologies - a smart materials company based in Montreal. Hailed as a game changer in Open Innovation, Bioastra has developed a unique and versatile smart polymer platform to serve clients in a wide variety of sectors from medicine to energy and packaging. Over the past 6 years, she and her team have engaged 15 Fortune 500 clients to develop smart polymer solutions for a range of applications - from injectable implants for human health to novel tactile surfaces to cooling textiles. She is directly responsible for IP strategy and management at Bioastra as well as ensuring that client requirements are met. She has a B.Sc in Polymer Chemistry from the University of Saint Petersburg in Russia as well as graduate degrees in chemistry and biomaterials from the Universite de Montreal. She is the Director of Cansmart, a Canadian organisation dedicated to promoting scholarship and adoption of smart materials in academia and industry.