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  • Martin Kett
  • VP Insurance Solutions
  • Exari Systems, United Kingdom

When Martin began his career in 1974, he worked with typists who generated London Market “Slips” on fold-out sections of grey card. If the details changed, the slips had to be re-typed from the beginning.

There were no mobile phones, tablets or internet. Incoming communications were by telex and fax and every piece of data had to be re-keyed into administrative systems. There was very little Management Information produced.Sadly, after 45 years many of the market’s historical practises are still the same today. The grey card has been replaced by A4 laser printed documents, but inked rubber stamps still record an Underwriter’s commitment.The documents remain “flat” with their data locked inside requiring large amounts of re-keying for it to get into Broker and Underwriter systems.

Martin has worked in and around the Global Insurance Market for over thirty years, including Marsh in Bermuda, New York and London within their wholesale placement teams. He became involved in technology from within the broking teams and was heavily involved in e-placement solutions at Marsh and then, subsequently, when he moved to work for Lloyd's. Martin co-founded Exari's London office to focus on representing our market leading Document Generation solution into Broking and Underwriting processes.