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Frederik Haentjens

Organizational Development Advisor & Boxologist

Sadara Chemical Company, Saudi Arabia

Frederik Haentjens is a Digital Nomad, Human Capital & Organisational Transformation author, keynote speaker and executive with a focus on Organization Design (OD), Design Thinking, Employee Experience, Digital Transformation and Disruptive HR. He blends 20 years expertise providing a human-centred, design-based approach. He helps Middle Eastern, African and Asian organisations in the public and private sectors to achieve their business challenges. He has also setup multiple OD units over the last few years for companies like SABIC, Al Rajhi Bank, GIB and various semi- governmental and ministerial bodies in the GCC.

With his multi-industry experience, Frederik ensures that his clients are capable and prepared to execute current and future organisational strategies and meet business goals. He is a strategic professional who works directly with senior executives to align leadership vision, behaviours/practices, culture, measures, strategic workforce planning, performance and organization development. He is a creative thinker, designer, problem solver, and decision maker. He has strong communication, interpersonal relations, coaching/mentoring, change management, and collaborative skills.

Frederik has worked for, or with, GCC Finance (Al Rajhi Bank, GIB), Asian Hotel/Resorts (Conrad), Mining in Central Africa (Sherritt), Petrochemicals (SABIC, SADARA), Technology (SIEMENS, Cyber Security Agencies), European & Gulf Governmental organisations (Ministry of Interior, Municipalities), Consulting (KPMG, Willis Towers Watson) & Defence (EADS/Airbus).