Aggreko is the world leader for temporary cooling and power rental solutions. We provide solutions for all types of cooling requirements and to customers within any industry. From providing hundreds of megawatts of cooling & power to support whole countries, to serving SME’s industrial customer with a 200 TR chillers for an emergency, to providing the critical power and cooling at major events such as the Olympic Games. Aggreko provide modular cooling towers from 2MW, 10MW up to Multi Megawatt modular mobile units and water cooled chillers to assist with supplementary cooling for the summer months and during high peak demands on Process and utility lines. We also provide temporary cooling during maintenance or cooling tower repairs, precooling, waste water discharge & heat exchanger isolation. In the 50 years we’ve been providing power and temperature control solutions, we’ve worked with the biggest names in a diverse range of industries, including Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Events, Petrochemical, Construction, Mining, Facilities Management, Utilities and Shipping and last but not least District cooling. Aggreko’s District Cooling projects include working with; Qatar cool – 12MW of temporary cooling and power Dalkia – 50MW of cooling via 700 kW and 1400 kW modular units. Sowah Island Financial center Abu Dhabi – 36MW cooling Tabreed – 7MW cooling Masdar City – 3MW cooling DOHA International Airport – 9MW of cooling and temporary power