Al Salem and Johnson Controls International merged together to become one of the leading multi-industrial companies in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, to offer “Building Efficiency” services through an array of smart, integrated solutions; including cooling and heating systems, commercial and industrial refrigeration, building management systems, & security and fire safety systems. Known as Al Salem York, we are proud to be one of the first companies in the Kingdom to provide sustainable solutions through products & services that not only optimize energy use, but also improve comfort and security levels. We are pleased to hold the reigns as the biggest supplier of air conditioners in the region. We envision becoming the leaders of market growth in our business; to hold the first rank in each section of the manufacturing & control categories.With a workforce exceeding 2000 employees, Al Salem YORK is strategically located across the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to serve its’ diverse customers and industries, though our head office, branches and a well-established solid network of dealers and distributors. With over 140 Years Providing YORK quality and innovative HVAC solutions around the world, YORK stands out in the market with its distinctive product line in the HVAC industry, which serves the residential, commercial and Industrial sectors across the Kingdom, with a wide range of diversified unitary and chiller products, each with optimum features and specifications. YORK is a key player in the major projects in Saudi Arabia, as well as being the first choice of house-owners, real estate developers, consultant and project developers and owners.YORK has managed to emphasize its presence in the Saudi market for over 60 years, through its wide range of products, and accumulated a great achievement track record by playing a key role in providing HVAC solutions to vital and mega projects throughout the Kingdom for over 60 years.YORK operational and maintenance teams are capable of serving and exceeding customer expectations. Our unique Aftermarket Services consists of a workforce of highly skilled, qualified professionals, providing a distinct range of service, in terms of maintenance, rental solutions and replacements across the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.