ACTN is a network spearheaded by the International Association for Counterterrorism and Security Professionals and Stratad Asia-Pacific Strategic Centre. It is a network of experts, researchers, consultants, institutions and non-government organizations in the field to study, educate and counter the threats of Political Violence, Terrorism and Extremism in the ASEAN Region. AIM: The aim of ACTN is to promote and provide a platform for collective discussion and immersion through a multidisciplinary, international network of experts, researchers, institutions and training centre’s in the field of political violence, terrorism and extremism.  We are a “learning organization” and our critical engines for growth and viability in the current, turbulent and unconventional environment is to be innovative-conscious, to develop and re-design, react and modify ideas collectively. MISSION: The backdrop of 21st century is inconsistent and unpredictable and to understand the terms “national security” and “international security” a refocus has to be created on current trends of asymmetrical threats and issues of terrorism, political violence and extremism. ACTN will strive to create a climate of intellectual clarity where we can discuss and educate others on highly complex topics, facilitate the exchange of perspectives and contribute applicable information and methods on global and regional issues of security, defense, and public policy making. The need for multidisciplinary approach, international cooperation, specialization and professionalism is imperative in this environment of rapid globalization and ACTN will meet this need through its initiatives.