The BAHIA Group is organized in companies that can address the security needs for lands, sea and air operations. The group is active around the world, with offices in the USA and France; in Jordan the group works closely with SDT Company. BAHIA provides the best equipments to protect the public, corporate entities and government organizations against acts of terrorism. Our main fields of expertise are explosives detection, electronics detection, metal detection, access control, car protection (armored vehicles), X-Ray systems, perimeter security (radar) and cyber-security (secured encrypted communications). Our Companies also offer a variety of state of the art security solutions for the management of prisons (detection and blocking of illegal cell phone use), video surveillance for cities or large venues etc… Our group also provides support and maintenance services for civil and military helicopters, in partnership with the Jet System Company and in conjunction with recognized shipyards, we assist customers selecting the best vessel for their mission. Finally, in the field of naval demining we provide on personnel and experts as well as mine hunting systems. BAHIA has gained worldwide recognition with MO-2M a handheld explosives detector that stands as one of the best in the world in terms of performance, reliability, simplicity of use and cost effectiveness. Several thousand MO-2M detectors are in use worldwide to protect people. In addition to armed forces and police departments, major organizations such as NATO and the UN also use it; the MO-2M has also been deployed in Jordan for several years.