The BAUER Group has developed from the family firm BAUER KOMPRESSOREN into a globally active technology company with a focus on the industrial production high pressure compressors (25-500bar) of air and gas. The company is divided into the five corporate segments of high-pressure breathing air, high-pressure industrial air & gas, natural gas filling stations, gas injection technology and screw compressors. The 22 international subsidiaries employ more than 1200 people. In 2012 the company achieved a turnover of approx. 255 million Euros, around 80 percent of which was generated outside Germany. Besides the two manufacturing plants in Germany (UCC and BKM), the BAUER Group operates assembly plants in North America (BCI), England (BUK) and India (BKI) and has subsidiaries in Italy, France, Turkey, Austria, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, mainland China, Egypt, UAE, Australia, the Russian Federation, Spain, Brasil, South Korea and Middle East. BAUER KOMPRESSOREN was founded in 1946 and began its climb to the top with production of its own low-pressure compressors for the farming industry, later for general industrial needs. In 1956, development of high pressure compressors for filling diving bottles and fire-fighting breathing bottles laid the foundations for the global success the company enjoys today. From 1970 onwards, large-scale plants for industrial applications and seismic investigations were developed. The move into production of its own natural gas filling stations started in the mid 70s. In the 1980s there followed solutions for plastic injection using the gas internal pressure technique. In the mid 1980s, as one of the first manufacturers in Germany, the company began to develop full natural gas filling stations for environmentally-friendly and low-emission vehicle fuel. Over the last 10 years BAUER KOMPRESSOREN has succeeded in establishing itself as one of the world’s leading producers and the Number 1 in Europe. In 2005 BAUER KOMPRESSOREN opened the subsidiary BAUER KOMPRESSOREN GCC FZE in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai. BAUER products have a long history and good reputation in the Middle East and so the company decided to strengthen the customer support and contact by establishing a branch, responsible for the local market. BAUER is now able to provide product support, service and spare parts directly in the Market Place.