The vision to develop a BLUBOX which recycles hazardous waste was born several years ago. Because of the growing volume of flat panel displays (FPDs) and lamps containing mercury on the market, a solution was called for to enable their safe recycling without endangering human health or contaminating the environment. In cooperation with MTB Recycling, our engineering team accomplished this goal and developed the first fully automatic recycling machine on the market. The BLUBOX technology revolutionizes the recycling of the growing volumes of e-waste and lamps. It is an all-in-one solution integrated in a 40ft HC container that meets the highest safety standards. A dry treatment process consisting of mechanical crushing systems and multiple-step separation works with great efficiency inside the BLUBOX. In order to protect the environment, the built-in aspiration system absorbs the mercury, treats the exhaust air, and turns the contaminated waste into high-value outputs. Over the past few years the BLUBOX has been refined to excellence. Innovation and technology enable it to simultaneously recycle several kinds of mercurial wastes and all kinds of e-waste, such as computers, notebooks, tablets, mobile phones, etc.