The origins of the Car Fibreglass back in the mid-70s, when Barboni Franco founded a bodywork for construction and repair of trucks and Commercial Vehicle. Thanks to the strong growth in this segment during the 90s Car Fibreglass focuses on this range of vehicles, developing the first models of the “Cover”, an inner lining that makes the cargo area of the van perfectly waterproof, washable and non-perishable to disinfection. The application of European standards such as HACCP about food’s transport and European Guidelines of medicines transport (94/C63/03), together with the implementation of a Quality Management System according to ISO9001, create the basis for the success of the coating Cover passing by 63 pieces sold in Italy in year 2000 to more than 1500 pieces sold through 20 different states of the European Union in the year 2014. Current management is led by Luca Barboni director and technical manager/sales is composed by Maroni Luca responsible for administration, Graziani Doria responsible for Production, Mengozzi Ilario, responsible for the design and Vichi Gionata responsible for Installation, Delivery and Maintenance.