Centrum PPP is a non-profit NGO launched in 2008 by public and private entities – including: banks, law firms, consulting companies, construction firms, regional development agencies, foundations, associations, chambers and business agencies – in order to create and develop polish PPP market. The main aims of the Centrum PPP is to: promote PPP knowledge and the idea of PPP, encourage public authorities and private companies to consider PPP, develop and promote PPP good practices, lobby for legislative changes improving PPP legal background, create a communication platform between public sector and private companies. Centrum PPP activities include: organizing PPP conferences, debates, seminars and meetings, carrying out PPP trainings and works hops, preparing PPP research, analysis and reports, cooperating with public authorities (at the central/regional/local levels), monitoring polish PPP market and running PPP projects database. Centrum PPP has been cooperating with PPP Units all over the world and actively supports the idea of UNECE Team of PPP Specialists.Centrum PPP runs PPP Project database www.bazappp.pl (most up-to-date in Poland).For more info please visit www.centrum-ppp.pl