“Clearstream’s Global Liquidity Hub: from strength to strength” Strength and expertise are the solid foundation supporting Clearstream. We are a successful, mature provider of securities services with consistently high credit ratings. Our Global Liquidity Hub delivers integrated collateral management services in cash, fixed income, equities and funds. Liquidity Hub key products include collateral transformation, optimisation, repos and initial CCP margining. Based on a sophisticated collateral management system, the Liquidity Hub allows a high degree of flexibility, enabling more than 550 participants to customise the services in accordance with their individual regulatory and business requirements. Our triparty collateral management solution helps customers cover exposures of any bilateral principal agreement. As a neutral collateral agent, Clearstream can monitor exposures and automatically allocate the optimal collateral without the customer. This technology not only supports our customers, but is also powerful enough to provide collateral links to agent banks, electronic trading platforms and CSDs. In fact, it is the platform of choice for the Liquidity Alliance – a group of CSDs sharing their expertise, experience and efforts to create a global response to growing demands for sophisticated collateral management.