Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) is a global leader of next generation information technology (IT) services and solutions. The Company’s mission is to enable superior returns on our clients’ technology investments through best-in-class industry solutions, domain expertise and global scale.  CSC has approximately 56,000 employees worldwide and reported annual revenue of USD 8.1 billion. In the field of Healthcare, CSC is a leading global provider of next-generation healthcare technology and services. Advances in medical science, demographic change and increasing stakeholder expectations, mean that change in healthcare is necessary and inevitable. Recognizing that new models of care need new models of IT, our focus is on Agile Health. CSC’s solutions address eHealth Optimization, focusing on maximizing the value of eHealth investment, and Population Health Enablement, focusing on managing health across system boundaries. As a leading global provider of innovative next-generation technologies, our solutions are built on a foundation of Agile IT-as-a-service. Find out more at