Consulco Group of companies is in operation since 1993 and today is one of the most successful and largest corporate service provider in Europe and CIS countries, with over 250 staff and more than 4,500 client’s companies under management. Consulco Trust specializes in the establishment and administration of trusts and holding companies for protection of our clients’ assets and overseas investments. Our specialists can also assist clients with obtaining residence permits and citizenship of some European and Caribbean countries. Consulco Capital Real Estate (London) structures and manages London real estate investments, currently over ₤100 million. London real estate investments under Consulco management achieved a monetized annual return for investors for the last 5 years – 29 % per annum. Consulco Finance provides short-term investment product with a fixed interest from 5 to 8 % p.a., secured by a registered charge over London real estate. CONSULCO is the winner of SPEAR’S Russia Wealth Management Awards 2015 in the Investment Product of the Year nomination.