We are the world’s leading provider of immigration compliance and background screening services, founded in Hong Kong in 2006. We help public and private sector organizations detect fake documents, employment certificates, and practice licenses, passports and work permits, ensuring that the professionals they hire are legitimate and qualified. Tapping into our growing worldwide network of 33,000 issuing authorities and 500+ research and analysis experts, we verify the qualifications and legal status of the professionals serving your organization pre- and post-hire, enabling you to make fact-based decisions and take corrective measures where necessary. We have emerged as the only international provider to solely focus on immigration compliance and background screening solutions. With over 10 years’ worth of intellectual property expertise in our field, we have cultivated skills and processes that guarantee the highest levels of information integrity as well as time- and cost-efficient results for our clients. Through our offices in different parts of the world, we provide clients across more than 175 countries with multilingual services that are uniquely tailored to their local markets.