For 25 years, the company Dia-M has been providing equipment, materials and reagents for pharmaceutical and biotechnological production as well as for biological and chemical laboratories: – analytical equipment for chemical and biological control – raw materials for biotechnological production – everything for the research and developments – equipment for microbiology production – equipment for investigation and optimization of cell growth – equipment for mass cultivation of cells Dia-M supplies the products of the following manufacturers: Eppendorf, Panasonic (Sanyo), Infors, Hamilton, Binder, Thermo, Bio-Rad, Milele, Shimadzu, Interscience, IKA, Mettler Toledo, Olympus, Nikon, Biospringer, Sigma-Aldrich, Whatson-Merloy, AppliChem, Panreac, Beckton Dickinson, Corning, GE, Vladisart, etc.