Emerson’s CSI technology contributes to improved safety, availability and profitability and increase the overall reliability of your facility by delivering predictive intelligence and protection capabilities for your rotating machinery.​ Emerson’s combination of best-in-class technologies and services helps increase equipment effectiveness, reliability and performance by allowing you to be proactive in your maintenance. From online monitoring with protection, prediction, and performance to portables for vibration analysis and more, Emerson’s integrated approach for improving asset reliability delivers critical predictive diagnostic information in AMS. You get a holistic view that allows you to make informed decisions about your operation. Emerson’s MRG (The Reliability Consulting) team is a global leader in reliability-centered maintenance with the tools, talent and technologies to help companies optimize their return on physical assets across their enterprise. As a leading consultancy, we have vast experience in delivering comprehensive, scalable asset management, reliability and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) foundational data services to a diverse and illustrious list of clients throughout the world.