ep-cm has evolved over the past number of years, from being a newcomer in the service sector to a successful company for the process industry. Because of our comprehensive knowledge and experience, we provide solutions and reliability during all phases of your Capital- or Turnaround-project lifecycle. We offer customized consulting services and use a ‘hands on’ approach, which has established us among the top ranked enterprises within this sensitive market. We place our main focus on the planning, management, and controls in Capital-, Turnaround and maintenance business sectors. This includes improvements in all levels of maintenance and constructions, estimation, planning, scheduling, contract- and claim-management, developing benchmarks and much more. Our Tool In order to deliver best project results ep-cm developed the software “AlphaDocs” to support the process of plant documentation, work-preparation and estimating in a sustainable way. “AlphaDocs” was developed by experts and follows a simple hands on approach to ensure quality results right from the start. An estimating norm containing more than 37.000 activities for nearly all trades as well as a huge verity of task and equipment templates are designed for your success.