Eremotus has grown out of its successful roots as a software company that started in 2012. Prior to inception of the company team members have developed deep experience in building medical applications for care providers. Eremotus was founded on the vision that a clinically validated platform could bring together mobile, tablet, cloud, and physiological monitoring technologies to address current health care needs.Today, eRemotus is becoming a leader for mobile health solutions and remote monitoring systems focused on redefining patient care. Our PatientCare Platform allows us to work with leading innovators, to develop new technologies that improve outcomes for Hospitals, Clinics, Pathologists, Pharmaceuticals and Insurance. Eremotus uses sophisticated algorithms for early detection and prevention of disease. Eremotus also helps companies convert their non-communicable device inventory into Digital, so the data generated can be captured by the platform and passed on as meaningful information to the recipients.Eremotus also leverages on the capability of monitoring of assets using 3G and RFID technology whereby help reduce the risk of having an asset misplaced or exposed to hazards.Eremotus is getting into the space “Internet of things” by building new and innovative products and solutions. The intent of the initiative is to put Eremotus at the forefront of the Internet of Things and provide a common platform on top of which customers can build useful applications to take advantage of all that data.eRemotus, Inc., a privately held company, is growing rapidly around the world in terms of both employees and partnerships. The company is headquartered in Helsinki Finland, its Business Development Center in – Bangkok Thailand and soon to be IT Delivery Center based in Bangalore India.Our Core FocuseRemotus is redefining patient care by providing remote patient care systems and health applications that improve the clinical and cost-effective management of patients through continuous connection and exchange of data between health care providers, life science companies, and their patients. Our Key Values We have a small set of vital and timeless guiding principles for our company.Security /Analytics / Scalability / Innovation / Integration