Ether Gulf Enterprise is committed to work with it’s Superior IT international partners both Hardware and Software to provide the state of the art technology to GCC countries to ensure the continuity of business electronically in a highly secured manner. “EtherGulf supports E-Gov’t through reliable Smart Input Devices and provide the state of the art technology for Cybersecurity. – CHERRY GmbH is a leading manufacturer of Smart card and biometric keyboards/readers. – ATOS Worldline ID Center “multi-factor authentication software”. a. ID Center recognizes a person’s identity within seconds via their fingerprint, palm vein or Iris patter. b. ID center provides the reliable basis for determining who gets access to any number of software applications and data. c. ID Center also supports authentication by means of smart cards or one time password (OTP). – We also offer SSO solution as part of our expertise. Below are the advantages of our SSO solution: a. Increase of security by using Biometric authentication b. Relief for administrators with Central administration c. Increase of comfort as access for all applications via SSO-client server”