NEUTRARUST 661 Global Corrosion Solutions Ltd manufacture NEUTRARUST 661 in the United Kingdom. To meet the increasing worldwide demand for this ‘Wonder Product’ the network of Distributors is being expanded. With the Oil & Gas and Marine sectors representing the biggest potential markets, Global Corrosion Solutions are already teamed with Emkanat in K.O.S and are looking for further exposure within the GCC footprint. Their product is the original ‘Rust Treatment’ and it’s simplicity and durability has endured for over 30 years. With NATO codification, Neutrarust 661 is used by merchant and state navies around the world. The product has been employed in every industrial sector and been proven in some of the most harsh environments know to man, offshore platforms in particular. In a world that looks for ever ‘greener’ products, Neutrarust ticks all the boxes. It is classed as non hazardous and non toxic. It is safe to use, transport and store. Minimal preparation costs are key to the success of Neutrarust 661, it does not require a ‘bare steel’ surface and can be used as a primer coat onto rusted steel with minimal cleaning. The adhesive strength and level of protection achieved are simply remarkable.