The Institute comprises a diverse membership of professional business continuity practitioners, business continuity managers and individuals in associated business continuity disciplines from numerous and varied businesses and organisations in both the public and private sectors spanning many cultures. The Institute is a registered non-profit organisation representing individuals and organisations committed to business continuity and its management. Within this context the Institute provides an internationally recognised Certification Scheme for business continuity practitioners its managers and individuals in associated disciplines. All membership applicants undergo a rigorous certification process to ensure that they are competent in the areas of their business continuity expertise. The professional certification is based on a set of standards known as the IBCM Certification Standards for Business Continuity professionals. The Institute’s mission is to promote the art, science and good practice of business continuity and its management for the benefit of its members, their organisations and stakeholders. Its role is to be the independent and recognised Institute for the professional development of all practitioners and associated disciplines engaged in business continuity and its management by the promotion of the highest standards of professional competence, capability and commercial ethics.