ABOUT IFE (UK) SINGAPORE BRANCH The IFE (UK) Singapore Branch was formed and was registered with the Registrar of Society on 7th April 1975. We assess the knowledge of fire and professional experience, awarding internationally recognized membership grades and fire-related qualifications. The IFE objective is to promote, encourage and improve the science and practice of Fire Engineering, Fire Prevention and Fire Extinction, and all operations and expedients connected therewith, and to give an impulse to ideas likely to be useful in connection with or in relation to such science and practice to the members of the institution and the community at large. The IFE (UK) Singapore Branch will be celebrating our 42nd year this coming April and has attracted memberships from many fire professionals ranging from fire consultants, fire protection engineers, fire safety engineers, fire safety managers, fire systems suppliers and installers, crisis managers etc. We aim to enable the members of the institution to meet, correspond and to facilitate the interchange of ideas respecting improvements in the various branches of the said science, and the publication and communication of information on such subjects.