About IIFII® IIFII® is a global Islamic banking, finance and Islamic insurance organization founded in 2006, chiefly for the promotion of Islamic finance and Insurance and to provide a platform, to the people and professionals involved in the globally emerging Islamic banking & finance sector, where they can interact, share knowledge, information and experiences. The central objective of IIFII® is to disseminate Islamic finance knowledge through education, training and awareness for greater development of Islamic finance and Islamic finance professionals. IIFII® is a truly professional organization with global presence. IIFII® Services Certifications Shariah Compliant Financial & Investments Consultancy Trainings & Events Education & Awareness Shariah Compliance & Advisory Shariah Supervision & Shariah Audit Research & Publications Advocacy Shariah Compliant Product/Service/System Structuring & Modelling Certifications by IIFII® IIFII® is currently offering a fully online and globally known certification CPIB® (Certified Professional of Islamic Banking). Further certifications are in the designing and development phase that cover other important Islamic finance domains like Sukuk & Takaful etc. Certified Professional of Islamic Banking – CPIB® The premier CPIB® certification is a first of its kind Islamic banking and finance qualification and is certainly an asset, generally for those who are part of banking and finance sector and particularly for the people involved with the Islamic finance sector. CPIB® is a fully online professional certification with great benefits and unique features, some of which are discussed here. Key Features & Benefits of CPIB® Enhanced Employability & Career Prospects. Recognition in corporate world as an Islamic Banking & Finance Professional. Fully online, convenient and affordable. (Amazing Discount on CPIB® for limited period) No Prerequisite Qualification or Experience to Enroll. Fully updated and to the point curriculum with a practical insight. Amazing Discounts on the IIFII® trainings, events & workshops, and IIFII® membership. IIFII® Membership The membership is open to all individuals and entities who want to become a part of a prestigious and prominent global Islamic finance organization. Regardless of your academic, religious, personal or professional background, IIFII® membership may prove a value proposition for you. IIFII offers following broad membership domains: Individual Membership Exclusive Membership: Exclusive membership of IIFII® is a celebrated proposition, this membership category gives members the special right to use distinguishing designation of AIIFII and FIIFII after their names. Professional Membership: The IIFII® professional membership is open for all individuals from any career background or occupation. IIFII® being a global organization takes pride in its broad and ever-increasing membership base. Government Membership: For individuals from government/public sector. Academic Membership: Designed for academics, teachers and faculty members of colleges, universities, professional bodies, etc. Student Membership: For full-time students of colleges and universities. Institutional Member IIFII® has a unique membership opportunity for organizations like companies, business enterprises and entities like associations, firms, and universities. All such bodies can join IIFII® in the capacity of institutional members.