The “Institute for Global Security & Defense Affairs (IGSDA)” is an online global, international, regional, national and internal security research Think Tank (TT), producing political and all aspects of security & defense research, studies, analysis, solutions, etc.Its’s formed by the founding members and supported by some fellow experts, making an elite group of intellectual team of various backgrounds related to security and defense in addition to political affairs, academia. Most of them hold PhD, Master Degrees or equivalent. All of them published their articles, analysis, studies internationally and participated in international conferences and seminars as guest speakers.All founding members and fellow experts will publish their products on the TT website for the readers (free or commissioned), basically in English, French and Arabic.The strategic TT team is ready to hold and/ or participate in international conferences through GOs, NGOs or independently, presenting individual speeches and/ or collateral panel of discussions, workshops, seminars, demonstrations, etc. The first event for the TT will be this year in Taiwan.