Our goal is to be representative and inclusive of all that is excellent across the full spectrum of turnaround and transformation. IFT defines‘turnaround’ as, “the sustainable return to viability of under performing organizations .” Members’ skills can equally be applied in situations where profound and radical change is urgently needed to help ensure this viability is sustainable over the long term and this is what we call ‘transformation’. Some 70% of IFT members carry out work that falls within this definition. The proportion of independent IFT members is currently around the 70% mark and hands-on practitioners are the DNA of the organization. People who lead and manage operational transformation may work for IFT corporate partners, for example those who have a CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer) team. IFT’s Code of Ethics requires members to act in the best interests of all stakeholders and so it follows that IFT should seek to include and represent the interests of, those who have an interest in quality turnaround. Among IFT’s partners are the major banks, law firms, private equity firms, asset-based lenders and others who have a commitment to excellence in our field.